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6-year-old girl in Nellore enters record books for writing words and numbers in reverse

Pachipulusu Suvarnika accurately wrote 4 multiplication tables from 2 to 5 in reverse order to enter India Book of Records 2022 (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@@indiabookrecord)

At an age when other children are not yet adept in writing words and sentences, a six-year-old girl, Pachipulusu Suvarnika, from Andhra Pradesh showed she is multi-talented by displaying her proficiency in mirror writing.

Mirror writing involves penning words and sentences in the reverse direction which looks normal when viewed in a mirror. For this talent she has been recognised and mentioned in many national and international books of record.

Suvarnika is the elder daughter of Pachipulusu Srinivasa Rao who is a cloth merchant in Nellore district’s Kavali town. Her classmates and teachers at the school have always been impressed by her quick grasp in understanding and learning her lessons and putting them on paper. Interestingly, she is a polyglot as she can read and write in three languages – English, Hindi and Telugu, her mother tongue.

During the lockdown when the schools were closed, this girl started practising mirror writing. And this was not just in one language but all the three she was good at. Initially her parents wondered as to what she was doing but on seeing her talent, they encouraged her to do it with the tables in mathematics.

She accurately wrote four multiplication tables – 2 to 5 – in reverse order on a board in five minutes. This was recognised by the India Book of Records.