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5-foot-long Indian Rat snake pays unexpected visit to a family in Delhi

The non-venomous Indian Rat snake which was rescued from a house in Delhi's Rohini

Members of a household residing in Rohini Sector 29 were in for a rude shock as they got an unexpected visitor – the Indian Rat snake. The reptile was found coiled up behind the water pumping motor.

Wildlife SOS came to the rescue of this 5-foot-long non-venomous snake and currently it is under observation and will soon be released back into the wild. 

On locating the snake, the family instead of taking any action prudently informed the NGO, Wildlife SOS which runs a 24-hour rescue helpline (+91 9871963535), to take care of urban wildlife in distress.

Reaching the house, the Rapid Response Unit made arrangements to rescue the reptile and took it for observation to their centre. When the veterinarians declare it fit, they will release the snake in its natural habitat.

The Deputy Director of Special Projects, Wildlife SOS, Wasim Akram talking about snake rescue remarked: “On an average, Wildlife SOS receives 10-15 snake rescue calls every day. Addressing the urban wildlife conflict that revolves around snakes has been one of the core issues the organisation has been working on. We have rescued snakes from the most unusual places, including bathrooms , mattresses, car tyres and even scooter seats.”

Praising the family for informing Wildlife SOS, its Secretary Geeta Seshamani remarked: “We are happy to see such prompt action from the locals and their efforts to understand these reptiles, rather than fearing them.”

The Indian Rat snake also known as the Oriental Rat snake is crucial in the food chain as it feeds on rats and helps in pest control.

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