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14-year-old boy gored to death by bull at Jallikattu event in Tamil Nadu

14-year-old boy was gored by a bull during a Jallikattu event held in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri.

A 14-year-old boy in the spectators gallery was gored to death by a raging bull at a Jallikattu event in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri district, officials said on Sunday.

According to district administration officials, the incident took place at Thadangam village where the event was organized on Saturday.

During the grand finale of the event, a bull-tamer failed to rein in his bull and the raging animal charged out of the pitch and pierced Gokul’s stomach.

The boy, Gokul, was bleeding profusely when he was rushed to the Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital. However, he succumbed to his injuries during treatment.